Digital Vane Sensor

VNS - Infrared (IR) Slot Sensor

  Encapsulated to meet IP65
  Available in NPN open collector, Opto transistor output
  Wide range of input voltage
  Separate LED indication for Power & Output
  Low response time
  Compliance with EMI /EMC Standard
  Choice of different Termination & Cable length offered.
  Highly immune to environment factors (Dust,Temp….)


Performance Specification
Description VNS-C0 VNS-F0 VNS-G0
Input Voltage 12-24 VDC 12-24 VDC 12-24 VDC
Current Consumption ≤ 45mA ≤ 45mA ≤ 45mA
Detective Object Opaque ≥ dia 6mm Opaque ≥ dia 6mm Opaque ≥ dia 6mm
Rated Output 30 VDC
NPN Open Collector
24 VDC
Opto Transistor O/P(NO)
24 VDC
Opto Transistor O/P(NC)
Status of O/P@Interrupted Condition ON ON OFF
Status of LED@Normal Condition
Status of LED@Interrupted Condition
Cable Specification 4x0.32 Sq.mm.Shielded Cable 4x0.32 Sq.mm.Shielded Cable 4x0.32 Sq.mm.Shielded Cable
Response Time < 5mS < 5mS < 5mS
Operating Temp 0 to 70 deg C    


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