Door Curtain Sensor - DCS-D0

  • 154 Criss-Cross Beams
  • Water and Dust Resistant - IP54 rated
  • Immune to interference from sun light & reflection
  • Comply with International Standards
  • Slim Design, Easy Installation, Suitable for most of the branded elevators
  • Suitable for Dynamic & Static installations
  • Marvellous Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Competitively priced





Number of diodes / beams
32 / 154
Detecting beams
32beams(<400 mm)
94beams(≥400 mm)
Size (mm)
9W 24D 2000H (in mm)
Detecting distance
0-4000 mm
Detecting Height
Lowest 23 mm, Highest 1823 mm
Response time (NPN or PNP)
<65 ms
Response Time (Relay)
Cable Reliability
20 million door movements
Vertical displacement 0mm
20 mm
Horizontal displacement 0mm
3 mm
Angular displacement 0mm
10 degrees
Light immunity
IP Rating
Ambient Temperature
-10 to +65 deg C

Specification of Control Box (Power Supply Unit)


External Dimension
   47 x 48 x 170mm
Input Voltage
AC 220 V 20%, 50 Hz
Relay Output Type
COM, N/O , N/C
Power Consumption
Relay contact Rating
AC 220V  7A or DC 30V  7A
Lifetime of Relay
>1000000 times
Short Circuit Protection



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