Magnetic Reed Sensor - P01

  • Reed-based magnetic proximity sensor encapsulated in plastic housing. Also available in aluminium barrel.
  • Immune to hostile environments
  • Hermetically sealed for long life.
  • Suitable for DC and AC Circuits


  Power Rating
    120 VA 
  Switching voltage
    250 VAC / 250 VDC max
  Switching Current
    3 Amps max
  Contact Resistance
    1 ohms max
  Housing Length with Cap
    832  in mm
  Thread Size
    M15 x 1

This does not require power to operate. Omni-polar device-actuates with either pole of magnet. Normally Open contact. It is particularly useful in industrial applications where distance measurements need to be made. Various sensing distance are available depending on the magnet and the AT band used. All sensors are tested 100% for operate and release AT, Contact resistance and variable contact resistance before packing. Our products are completely lead free and confirms to RoHS directive.


The magnetic sensors are suitable for use in the following applications and in many others: satellite television dish positioning, automobile, heavy vehicles, digital speedometers & tachometers, floor detection for elevators, lifts and hoists, fork lifts, pneumatic cylinders and actuators, airport bridge control...

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