Material  Sheet of 2mm thickness, triple layer in construction. Electrically Conductive layer buried in between Static Dissipative layers.

Colours      Grey / Light Brown / Blue

  The complete flooring is grounded using the conductive layer and Copper strips fitted between the floor and the mat in a grid form. Rivets are used to conduct electricity from the middle conductive layer to the earthing points provided on either side of the room.  It is necessary to connect these earthing points to EARTH (by means of an earth pit)

Conductive Rubber Mat is also Available.


Flexible polythelene material rendered antistatic by the use of special anti static agents the surface resistivity is maintained below 1010 ohms per square. These bags are made from tubes of standard widths. The standard thickness of the bag is 0.1mm (100microns). Bags can be easily heat sealed to protect the contents within. Each bag carries a standard caution message. Additional user messages, monograms can be printed on request.

Anti-static Air Bubble bags are also available.






Following are our other range of Anti Static products

Anti-Static Wrist Strap Conductive Storage Bin Anti-Static Footwear Analog / Digital Static Charge Meter Surface Resistivity Meter Fume Absorber Bench Top Static Neutralize

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