Float Sensor for Fluid Level Sensing

This Float Sensor consist of Reed Switch and Float with Magnet. Float Sensor is fitted horizontally / vertically in the tanks. A float pivoted at one end of a short actuating arm, rises and falls with liquid level. The other end of the actuating arm contains a permanent magnet which operates a reed switch in the body of the housing.


   Electrical Specification
  Contact Form   Form A Normally Open
  Switching Power VA Max   25
  Switching Voltage AC Max   240
  Switching Voltage DC Max   120
  Switching Voltage A Max   0.6
  Temperature Range   -10 to +60 Deg C
 Note: Ratings given are based on Resistive Load
Technical Specifications
Operating Principle   Reed and Magnet
  Contact Type   Normally Open / Normally Close
  Input Voltage   12 / 24 VDC
  Operating Temperature   -30C to +100C
  Connector   2 Pin Connector
  Mounting   M20 x 1.5
  External Load   1.2W Lamp Load
  Application   Engine Crank Case / Radiator
  Operating Media   Engine Oil / Radiator Water


We have necessary infrastructure and highly technical manpower to manufacture level sensors as per
customer specifications. Following are some of the examples of different types which can be designed.

        Reed switch of Stainless Steel Upright Multi-Floats Series Stainless Steel Upright Multi-float Series Reed Switch PP Upright Series Level Switch, Controlled by Moving Magnetic Float Reed Switch of Stainless Steel Upright Multi-Float Series with IP65 Protection Range PP Upright Series, Used in Fridges, Cooling Equipments, Dehumidifiers and Coffee Makers

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