RS-02 Series Pneumatic & Hydraulic Cylinder Sensor


As the term magnetic switches suggests, these are operated by magnetic fields; another description widely used is magnetic "SENSOR". As our eyes sense change of light, our ears sense the change of sound, magnetic switches/sensors sense the change of magnetic flux in Pneumatic and Hydraulic cylinders. When magnetic switches sense a magnetic field it will give a switching signal, through a control circuit, allowing sensing or control operation to be achieved.

Magnetic switches can sense a change in magnetic field relative to the position of the magnet. As in a Pneumatic or Hydraulic cylinder, where the magnet is attached to a moving piston and thus the position of the moving part (i.e. piston) can be detected.


The new, slotted cylinder sensors are employed to detect the exact position of pistons in pneumatic cylinders.

Many automation technology applications require pneumatic cylinder movements to be closely monitored and the exact piston position to be detected. In order for the sensor to achieve a precise, repeatable switching behaviour, each sensors activation sensitivity is exactly defined and individually tested. The compact and rugged plastic housing offering IP67 protection provides reliable operation even under the harshest and most moist conditions.


Performance Specification
Switching Type NORMALLY OPEN
Switching Voltage 10-30 VDC
Switching Current 100 mA max.
Switching Power 3W max
Voltage Drop 0.05 V max
IP Rating IP-67
Indication LED RED
Operating 11 - 14 mm
Cable 3 Core, Black Outer Sheath
Operating Temp 0 to 70 deg C

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